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After 20 years as San Francisco’s favorite chocolatier, the Truffle Man is now bringing his creations to all of California. Every Truffle Man product is handmade and shared with the intention for you to seek and find joy.

“Welcome my friends.
Welcome to my chocolate factory. I hope you enjoy it. I think you will!”

– Truffle Man

Mini Chocolate Truffle Treasures

Truffies are bite-sized treats made with dark chocolate caramel ganache. Truffies are always made by hand with fair-trade chocolate, premium full-spectrum weed, and the best ingredients.

Jamaican Rum

Smooth and complex, this Truffie is a new take on a classic. A provocative blend of premium chocolate, rum extract, and cannabis, this Truffie melts in your mouth and is sure to put the wind in your sails.

Turkish Coffee

The ideal Truffie for the high-achiever. This chocolate is rich and velvety, with hues of cardamom and a crisp espresso finish for sophisticated fun.

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